Although I am a GA builder and enthusiast, I do indeed admire my jets and airliners. So much so that I was lucky enough to get in the cockpit of an Airbus A319 when stationed at London Stansted. I was flying with easyJet from London Stansted to Palma Mallorca, and couldn't resist a peek in the cockpit, at my request the Captain and FO were more than happy for me to take as many photo's as I wanted and answer any questions that I had.

The FO was happy to switch on the backlight of the overhead just for the photo shoot, so got one photo of the overhead lit up and one with backlight turned off!

I didn't really know what photo's to take at the spare of the moment, so I just took various shots of what I could, I had to duck my head while standing, as the cockpit overhead was literally at my forehead, I was surprised though just how spacious the cockpit of the Airbus is.

You really do have to be there to appreciate it!

On the way back I flew with Ryanair on a 737-800 NG, and to be honest, Ryanair were in a rush, so I thought I would leave them alone, considering I have already had a cockpit visit with them last year! It was easyJet's turn this year! lol

Anyway here are the pics (as uploaded to the MyCockpit photo gallery)