Hi everyone. I have been monitoring this site for quite some time now, keeping quiet in my corner, very busy absorbing the vast knowledge shared by all of you.

I intend to build a CRJ cockpit with linked controls and find that there is not a lot of information about this plane cockpit dimensions out there. I have gathered a lot of information but I am stumped on something that is probably a shared featured by most planes: human body dimensions.

Here is my questions: What would be the distance between the rudder pedals and the center of the yoke column ?

I know that the yoke has a fixed pivot point and that the seat is adjustable in height and position. I also know that the rudder usualy has some level of positional adjustment but that is probably hard to homebuild in a linked configuration.

Because the human shape is more or less the same I could probably use information about another plane. Based on Boing info available through this site, I have found info about seat height and distance between seat edge and yoke column but I have not found any information about yoke to rudder pedal distance information. I use Solidwork to make the virtual design but any rudder to yoke distance I try to "fudge" look ackward. Too near would result in a leg angle of near 90 degree which would impact the capacity to apply force to the rudder pedals, too far would only work if the seat height is lowered to around 13 inches.

Any ideas or pointers ?

Thanks in advance.