Just thought I would say hello! I may be known to at least a couple of you already, I have been a controller in the UK on Vatsim for a few years.

Anyway I had initially hoped to build a Piaggio Avanti, because I used to fly it a lot, but because of part availability I am actually building an A320 sim. I've been to see a couple already and they look amazing, it will take me a lot of time, money and effort to get to that stage but I'm going to work on it.

I've already got a couple of useful hints from this site (like the excellent idea to get a rotary encoder which will pull!) and there are plenty more I need to look for like where to find 45 degree rotary switches (and please don't tell me to use the search function). At the moment I am based on VasFMC, OpenCockpits and FS9 although I do want to look at X-Plane and Linux as an alternative.

I am building a mini-site at http://a320sim.reevery.net so please drop by! I am going for the record of the slowest sim build.