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    Free to good home

    Hi all.

    Don't get to excited It's not much...

    I've got Flight Simulator 2002 Professional Edition and the Trident add on that i got thrown into a lot i bought online a year or so ago. As i already have FS2004 installed i don't need it and thought if theres someone out there just starting the hobby who wants to free go on flgiht sim then i'll happily let you have this. I think it should work although i never tried it because i've never needed it.

    As for the trident add on. I got that also but it didn't come with a serial code for installation so without that i can't install it. So if theres any techies out there who can find away around that i'll give you that.

    I'd prefer to keep both together. It's just an odd pair to be honest. Nothing much hence the non existent price but i can't throw them away.

    I will post anywhere but i think overseas it would cost too much for me to pay postage on that. So i'll post at my expense in the UK. But outside the UK i'll have to get you a postage cost and you'll have to send that cost to me. I would say around 4 for the two.

    Just send me a PM if you're interested. As i say perfect for a desktop simmer on the startup.
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