Hi all , I'm building a 737cockpit using the 737PMDG aircraft , i built my own overhead panel using Leo cards and it works great, the problem is that I'm using VasFMC for the instruments and Goflight MCPpro , and some things just don't work ,like the A/T and LNAV , because the PMDG autopilot it's different from the one used in default aircraft , my question is if there's any way to use the PMDG aircraft with anything but the auto pilot and change it for the default autopilot.
I've also found a nice 737 panel from skydeck http://www.sky-decks.com/sd-html_002.htm , it as a file to use the panel with the PMDG model , and with this panel the A/T and LNAV problem is solved, but i can't assign any button in my overhead hardware to interface with overhead from the software.
Any help would be great