hi there hope some 1 can help im looking for a card to control 2 motors for my flight simulator i have built my simulator around the dreamflyer i have all the switches workin an leavers working im use the hotas couger joy stick an throttle , i have pivot point done as i have set this up using truck window wiper motors to make sure it all works , im not sure on what type of motors to use as so many people have there own ida ,im told a 24v dc with a geared box of 17 to 1 ratio ?. now the card to control it! do i need a master card as i already have cards that work all my switches an leavers or is there a card i can use just to control the motors , now the flight sim i only fly is il2 ww2 planes , i have been in touch with some of the other companies about software ,to get the data out of the sim but have said they want be doing software for that sim an there motion base will not run on that sim so !!!!! build my own an here i am ,i have managed to find software to get the data out now as i have found that so many people r trying to do the same for this sim ,any info on ,card ,motors,price would be great as i fly just about every nite an now just need that little bit more in my simulator , i have built three cockptis but this is my first motion simulator s if i had lots of money id buy areal spitfire !!!!