Hi All,

Due to the fact that these items are not moving we have decided to reduce price in order to sell them.

Videos for 737NG and A320 Drivers - see how the Pros do it

QTY/Description/Old Price/New Price- Produced by World Air Routes
(3)-Gol Linhas Aereas 737-700/737-800 videos - $30-$20
(3)-Spicy Jet 737-800 video - $30-$20
(3)-West Jet 737-600 (No many users on the world) video-$30-$20
(4)-Germanwings A319/A320 video $30-$20
(4)-Vueling A320 video -$30-$20

USB Cables - The best value you will find to connect your hardware

(49) USB 2.0 15ft cable now at: $2 each
(63) USB 2.0 10ft cable now at: $1.60 each
(29) USB 2.0 6ft cable now at: $1.50 each

Books - With this book you will be the real master on the A320. See if your simulator is behaving like the real thing.
(7) The unofficial A320 Series simulator and Checkride procedure Manual. Now at $55 each typically sells higher at $80 or more each.

Software - Get Xplane 9.0 and get the updates in the web.
(14) - Xplane 9.0. Sells at $30 we are giving it away at $15 each

Power Supply - Don't deal any more with PC power supply. These power supply units run 5V/6A and 12V/4A. Perfect to power your project.
(5) - 5V/6A and 12V/4A power supply. Now at $25 each. Typically sells at $50. Units does not include power cord see next item below

Power Cord - If you need a power cord you will get the best price:
(31) 6ft power cord for every project you need. They sell at $2.50 each

USB Hub-Connect your hardware to this hub
(1) DLink USB 2.0 Hub 7 Ports. Selling at $28.50

Visual Hardware-Matrox
(2) Dualhead to go at $189 each.

All the prices above does not include shipping or sales tax if you live in Texas. Contact me at: m.centeno@cockpitsonicusa.com or yv295c@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these items or you have any questions about them.

Thanks and happy flights!

Manolo Centeno
Centair LLC