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    Lightbulb axefinch

    hello again all cockpit builders and sim captains,axefinch here again i hope you guys are flying at UGT some times its a nice place to explore the flight sim earth... and friendly pilots too.. my next question in my quest to build my 747-400 cockpit is about the pros and cons of Monitors Vs projectors.. i would like some feed back on the subject and maybe some links to some enexpensive projectors or maybe some of you can work out a deal with me ...but first i need to understand the good virtues and bad virtues of each so i can make my descision on what will be my primary outside view ...of my cockpit windows.any help in this will be much apprecieated...THX AXE..

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    Re: axefinch

    Hi Axe,

    The answer to your question basically broils down to two components:
    1) Budget and 2) Space available

    For projection you would obviously need 1 or more projectors. For the price you would pay for a 'standard' (1024 x 768 XGA native resolution, 2500 Lumen and 2000:1 contrast ratio) projector you can buy at least 3 decent size monitors that would give you at least front, front-left and front-right views. If you want to do the same view config with projectors you would need 3 of them which calls on the budgets even more.

    Space available:
    With monitors you would somehow mount the projector(s) on top of your MIP and your done, so the space you need is basically determined by the size of the cockpit.
    With projectors you need have a projectionscreen sitting somewhere in front of your pit where this distance varies from about 1 meter to even more so this distance adds to the space you would need.

    Also you would some add'l vertical space since average projectors need about 3 meters throw distance to produce a descent size picture. This means the projector needs to be mounted high enough such that it can project over the top of your pit.
    Now, you can do back projection but that adds even more to the horizontal space you need.

    Don't get me wrong: I am not in favour of monitors at all. I use projectors myself since I think (in particular when using 3 of them) it produces a far more realistic picture: in order to look left you need to really turn your head to the left. With monitors (even with 3 of them) you would only need to move your eyes.

    Have a look at some of the websites/pictures as listed on the forum here and you will get a good idea of what I mean.

    Hope this helps


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