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    Airbus Must sell Airbus Overhead

    For those interested Im still selling my A340 overhead completely wired. Just the switches and buttons alone are worth more than Im asking and can be used on building an A320 or 330 overhead as well. I am accepting any reasonable offer but am very motivated to sell. it is in custom made wooden frame beautifully covered with airbus gray leather and is completely backlightable. Make me an offer first reasonable offer takes it. Total replacement value is about $4000 but no reasonable offer will be refused. Send me PM

    The ovhd also comes with a beautiful lamp built into the baxk section not shown also all leather covered as well. The light is like brand new the same round ones you see inside of ambulances with the heavy plastic cover that has an Airbus or aviation look to it.That alone costs over $230.00 but am including it for free. Also all of the wiring all ready to go soldered to each switch just need to attach to I/O boards worth $100s itself. It is truly amazing how expensive wire is until you start needing to buy it.But like I said no reasonable offer will be refused.

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    Photos please?

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