Hey all,

I'm a New Zealander living in New York City. My little project is to build a compact (after all I live in a Manhattan apartment) semi-generic LSA simpit. I am an X-Plane user and I mostly fly a Cessna 162 and a Tecnam P92. I am some way down the path with a bunch of GoFlight modules and a CH stick, pedals and yoke.

It's all perfectly flyable right now but the flaps (joystick buttons) and throttle (wheel on CH stick) solutions I have now are unrealistic so that may be the next upgrade. I'm buildng up the courage to try to build something myself rather than buy another GF module.

For now I'm stuck with an ancient Powerbook 15" G4 (amazingly still plugging away) - I was pleased to find the XPlane 9.30beta11 got me an extra 10fps or so. After the throttle and flaps, for my next upgrade I'm on the fence as between a new Mac Mini and a 26inch monitor.

Anyone following the Sounds thread will know I am looking at a 2 headset solution - this is because my 4 yr old son likes to "fly" with me.