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    hmmm....a post a grab on simflights poll today....

    "Salva says:
    April 8th, 2009 at 12:53
    Well, as I work for Microsoft and love FlighSim I can understand the issues that this decision has raised. After reading the posts I can see that actually we are discussing two issues, first we are unhappy about the decision about ACES, regarding this I am pretty sure that we will receive an update about the future of the franchise anytime soon (canít disclose), there are many reasons behind this decision and donít get MSFT wrong, they are not only commercials but aligment ones.

    The second issue is regarding the use of Windows, it is good to have alternatives, if you like MAC that is great, if you donít, you have other options. We are working really hard addressing customer request around what they want to see in Windows. We interact massively with customers in order to drive our development, the problem is that there are so many users that sometimes looks like an small effort. Regarding security I will make a clear comment, Apple is constantly patching (as well as Linux) its OS and applications, they donít just have so much publicity and they enjoy a free lunch from the press (nobody talks about how aweful performs itunes) as the market needs and wants competition (I also believe that competition is great and Apple has done other amazing things).

    Anyway, I love FlightSim and this goes beyond MSFT and I hope we can enjoy many new enhancements in future versions. X-plane is great, but there is a lack of add-ons at the moment and for people like me that built a custom cockpit it is difficult to integrate it.

    There will always be a love-hate battle, and as Francois said, it is good to rant sometimes

    Happy Flying!

    Citation XLS sim

  2. Thanks autocadplease thanked for this post
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    Excellent, thanks for posting..
    Trevor Hale

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