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    Airbus Awesome new Tool

    Hey Guys,
    I just bought this tool that I honestly can tell yoiu completely revolutionized my carpentry work. I just thought I might pass it on to you guys because I can tell you it'll most certaily save alot of you tons of time and effort its really fantastic, it cost me about $150 but worth every dime. Its called Kreg tool you can go to , the one I bought is the Kreg jig master system but man Ill tell you what this is amazing when you want to make fast joints that are solid. I get nothing out of this by the cway just thought you may get some major benefit because I sure did and stiill am.


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    That's awesome tools, actually! I'm using similar tools for another project I'm working on. Great for making hidden joints! And of course all other areas that require accurate drilling.

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