I decided to have a go at cutting a panel to see what kind of results I can get making my own. Here are a cpl of photos showing my first attempt. Hopefully you will recognize the panel as the FCU. The control openings are all oversized because the bit I was using is only .20" long and the material is a little over .25" thick. This resulted in the top of the shank biting into the material and producing larger than life openings.

My next test will be the same panel cut from 1/8" thick white, translucent ABS plastic. After it's cut, I think I can prime it, paint the front with 2 coats of black paint, 2 coats of grey and then mill out the control legends and markings with a 30 degree v-point engraving bit. Probably about .005" deep, just enough to get clean, even lines. After that I could spray-seal them and see how they look.

I wondered if anyone could tell me the brand and model of switches used in your sims for this panel? If so I can get the panel cutout dimensions from the manufacturers web sites to ensure my panels are correct.

Anyway, looking forward to your feedback!