I found three sets of flashcards on the AOPA website (http://www.aopa.org) that might be of interest for some of you pilots. Easy to print and to keep in your cockpit as a reminder.

  • Runway Safety Flash Cards: The Runway Safety Flash Cards help pilots better understand runway signage and markings. The front of each card displays an airport sign or pavement marking, while the back provides a description and information on the required pilot action.
  • Airspace Flash Cards: The Airspace Flash Cards help pilots keep the different types of airspace straight. Each card include a color depiction of the airspace, a description of its characteristics, and a discussion question.
  • Aircraft Flash Cards: The Aircraft Flash Cards are designed to help new, seasoned, and transitioning pilots gain knowledge of aircraft speeds, profiles, systems, and emergency procedures. Each card includes a subject area on the front, and fill-in-the-blank spaces and a helpful tip on the back.