After a 4 month in between period, I finally have a new apartment and thus a new almost empty room to build the sim up in. Unfortunately, unless I get my stuff from Switzerland in the next few weeks this development also represents a start over as all my OC cards are among said stuff. But at least I have mycockpit and an internet connection to let me access it.

So, here I am with a OC MCP panel all wired up and partially backlit (thanks to a certain company in Switzerland sending the wrong items in my last order) but nothing to interface it with FS. I think the next step is to start working on the pedestal while seeing if I'll be able to get all my OC cards over in time or if I need to order new ones to replace them. Either way, it is the dreaded yet strangely welcome feeling of having an empty area to work with and imagining how it will develop over the months and years.

I'm also lucky to have a friend, who will be away in Finland for 4 months, lend me his whole workshop so I don't have to spend even more money getting a lot of the tools and materials. He's also familiar with a CNC operator so I anticipate that will come in handy when making my own panels or construction.

I think that's the worst part of having to relatively start over (granted it could be worse, I could be back where I was in terms of knowledge and experience in Jan '08 when I joined MC), especially in a new country. You've gotta find new suppliers for the bits and pieces, find out which one is better, see if that's the case, find new sources for other services (such as CNC, wood, etc.).

And of course there is the added pressure of having a full time job now, meaning you get home already tired and with a million things to do in your personal life. But if experience serves me right, the only negative aspect of this is knowing that I'll go to work just as tired the next morning 'cause I'll be up till some ungodly hour working on something with the sim.

Now its time to save up some money, and start building once again.

Current situation: non-functional
Next up: Pedestal
On my mind: OC cards, replace or wait?
Mood: Excited

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