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    Selling 737-800 Flightdeck as Spares

    With regret I announce the sale of my Boeing 737-800 Flightdeck. I have decided to buy my first home and require the cash. I've spent the last 6 years building this sim from sctrach with my own two bare hands and the last year flying it.

    I'm hoping it will go to a good home that will complete its last minor stages of construction. Its a great start for those who don't want to start from scratch.

    Below is a detailed description of whats included:

    Made from Pine and MDF.
    Painted internally throughout.
    Constructed in 6 sections for easy breakdown.
    6 x Standard Windows
    4 x Eyebrow Windows
    2 x Map Lights
    2 x Side Compartments with 2 Drink Holders and 2 Charts Holders on each
    Carpeted (Inlcluded with sale of shell)
    2 x Car Seats mounted on rails
    2 x CH Yokes mounted on steel poles and bolted down
    Smoke Detector
    Overhead Light

    Soild Aluminum Construction
    2 x 19” Wide LCD Displays
    1 x 15” LCD Display
    1 x 5” LCD Display
    Landing Gear Control Handle
    1 x Opencockpits CDU
    1 x Opencockpits Flaps Gauge
    2 x FDS AFDS Controls
    17 x FDS Annunciators
    7 x Toggle Switches
    3 x Missile Covers
    7 x Rotary Switches
    12 x Knobs
    Yoke Control Switch with interface
    MIP Overhead LED Light Strip

    2 x Opencockpits EFIS Panels
    Homemade MCP Panel
    6 x Opencockpits 7 segment Displays
    6 x Rotary Encoders
    6 x Knobs
    14 x Panasonic Push Buttons with LED’s
    3 x Switches
    3 x Push Buttons
    V/S Wheel
    A/T Light
    A/P Disengage Switch
    Glareshield Overhead LED Light Strip

    Forward Overhead
    Constructed from Steel and Aluminum. With Dzus fastners.
    All IOcards are mounted on rear of overhead. Overhead can be removed and run externally for testing or simply hung from sim.
    95% Operational !
    3 x Opencockpits Mastercards
    1 x Opencockpits USB Expansion Cards
    2 x Opencockpits Displays2 Cards
    101 FDS Annunciators
    72 x Toggle Switches (High Quality, worth $35 ea)
    10 x Missile Covers
    12 x Rotary Switches
    13 x Knobs
    2 x Rotary Encoders
    2 x Opencockpits 7 Segment 5 Digit Displays
    Fuel Transfer Switch

    Rear Overhead (Included with purchase of Forward Overhead)
    Constructed from Steel and Aluminum. With Dzus fastners.
    Construction only just started but all ready to fit electronics.
    14 x FDS Annunciators
    2 x Toggle Switches
    1 x Missile Cover
    2 x Push Buttons

    Center Pedistal
    Constructed from Steel and Aluminum. With Dzus fastners.
    Operational Panels:
    Comm1 / Comm2
    Nav1/ Nav2
    ADF1 / ADF2
    Online Flying Panel
    2 x Audio Panels (Not Wired)
    8 x Opencockpits 7 Segment 6 Digit displays
    3 x Opencockpits 7 Segment 4 Digit displays
    28 x Pots
    11 x Rotary Switches
    38 x Knobs
    5 x Push Buttons
    11 x Toggle Switches
    16 x Opencockpits Push Buttons with LED’s
    2 x Dual Concentric Switches

    4 x Opencockpits Mastercards
    1 x Opencockpits USB Expansion Cards
    6 x Opencockpits Displays2 Cards
    1 x Opencockpits USB Relays Card
    1 x Opencockpits USB Servo Card
    1 x Opencockpits USB Keys Card
    6 x USB Cables
    2 x Power Supplies
    2 x FDS Mastercaution/ Fire lights
    2 x FDS Six Pack Annunciators

    1 x Flight Sim Computer
    1 x Online Computer
    1 x Instructor Computer
    1 x Captains PFD & ND Computer
    1 x FO PFD & HD Computer
    1 x ECAS Computer
    1 x Captain CDU Computer
    1 x MCP Computer

    19” Philips LCD Display (FS9/FSX Visuals)
    19” LCD Touch Screen (Instructor)
    10” LCD Touch Screen with TV Tuner (Online/Checklists)

    Computer Control Panel
    5 Power Boards
    3 x Mice
    4 x Keyboards

    Samsung 5.1 Surround System (FS Audio)
    4 x Speakers
    1 x Sub Woofer
    2 x Overhead Speaker (Bitching Betty)
    Flightcom 4 place Aircraft Intercom (2 Places fitted)
    Telex Airman 750 Heaset
    ATC Overhead Speaker

    Real Oxy Mask
    3000ft (Approx) Wire

    All for $9999

    Pickup only. The sim breaks down and easily transportable in the back of a small truck.

    Viewing is available or more photos are available on request.

    I am looking at getting out of this hobby all together so I won’t be offering support.

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    Breaking it all up Brad?

    Good thinking. Still sorry to see you go!

    Trevor Hale

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    The link for photos has changed to with the renaming of the classified section link. FYI.

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