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    XPUIPC the missing link to X-Plane

    Plugin Avialable for Project Magenta

    MyCockpit User Spyy (AKA- Torsten) Has a beta program that will apparently allow PM and X-Plane to work together on the same computer.

    Apparently, If enough of us can check it out, he may be interested in continuing such a Project. Please if you have X-Plane give it a shot, and lets see what happens.

    The File can be located HERE

    It is like it is, in an early beta stage and has the following limitations:

    - Working only on same PC with X-Plane and PM
    - Available FSUIPC Offsets (read only)
    0x20, 0x238, 0x23B, 0x23C, 0x246, 0x274, 0x2A0, 0x2B4, 0x2B8, 0x2BC, 0x2C8, 0x330, 0x366, 0x36E, 0x560, 0x568, 0x570, 0x574, 0x578, 0x57C, 0x580, 0x7BC, 0xC56, 0x3060, 0x3068, 0x3070, 0x3078, 0x31E4, 0x337E

    Just put the plugin into the plugin folder of X-Plane and start X-Plane and PM on the same PC.

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