Hello together,

suddenly i have a problem with PM Boing GC. I cant get the flightplan and the V-Speed visible on the PFD.

I checked out everything without success. I use the newest builds from GC,CDU, MCP.
Filecheck report no problems and the Netdir is created correct in the FS-Folder. Also the correct files are in the Netdir and they all have the newest date and time stemp.

Would be nice if anybody could help me to fix this problem



Here ist the Filecheck result:
pmFileCheck Build 38
Opening Connections

Local Path: D:\Flusi\PM Backup\pfdfirst

Checking Computer and User Name
Local Computer Name: SIM1
Local User Name: hercules

FSUIPC/WideFS found!
FSUIPC Version 3.7

FS Version: FS2004

WideServer Version 6.7
WideClient Version 6.7

Flight Simulator Running
Testing FS Framerate and Data Rate for 8 seconds

FS Framerate Avg / Min / Max: 49 / 31.9 / 52.6
Data Rate: 390 Ticks 48.7 data sets / sec
Read attempts: 390 with 48.7 data sets / sec

OK - GC Detected
GC Build 460

OK - FMC Detected (CDU or MCDU)
FMC Build 400

OK - A/P Detected (MCP or FCU)
A/P Build 427

Local DLL Files Found:
pfd.dll dated: 19.08.2007 14:35:08
pm.dll dated: 18.11.2006 11:08:25

Checking FS Path
OK - Reported FS Path \\SIM1\Volume (F)\Programme\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\

Trying to access FS Path
OK - Read access to FS Path
OK - Read/Write access to FS Path
OK - Read/Write access to FS Path

Wide Server reports:
16078 Connected to computer "MAIN" running WideClient version 6.700 (skt=302 TCP
18656 Connected to computer "MAILSERVER" running WideClient version 6.700 (skt=298 TCP

Looking for NETDIR from CDU
Reported NetDir is: \\sim1\volume (f)\programme\microsoft games\flight simulator 9\pmdata\
Checking PMNETDIR Path (FMC Generated Path)
6 File(s) found in NetDir, last date is 29.01.2009 19:45:28

Checking FSPLANS Path (To Load/Save FS Flightplans)
OK - Read/Write access to FSPLANS Shared Folder
27 File(s) found in FSPLANS, last date is 29.01.2009 19:22:31
last flight plan file is IFR Madeira to Porto Santo.PLN
dated: 09.05.2008 17:38:14

Closing Everything

29.01.2009 19:47:01

Things To Do:

* Limit FS Framerate to allow more network throughput (FPS is > 40)
If you wish to, please check www.projectmagenta.com/notams.html