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    Engine start IO board setup...

    Not sure if I am in the right arena for this question...but here it goes. I am building a 146 simpit ustilizing a generic platform for my simulation. I want to connect a leo bodnar board to MSFS with real switches to operate the start sequence. Although I do not have the board yet, I have played around with the mousetrapping function of FSUIPC. I found that I can assign a key for engine starter operation, and a key for fuel valves on/off using a generic B747MSFS default aircraft.

    What I am doing right now is...turning all 4 fuel valves on through assigned keyboard selection...then holding down the designated key until the engine lights off, then releasing said key. For engine stop, i just press the appropriate key to close the fuel vavles, and the enigne winds down...once the engine has stopped...I press the key again to open the fuel valve(s) and arm it for the next subsequent start sequence.

    You may ask...why dont I just hold the start key down, then at 10 percent N2 press and release the fuel valves on key?. Answer:I can't do this because the starter sequence will interupt that key input when the 'fuel valves open' key is pressed.

    I have used FS panel studio to add the engine ignition switches from the concorde.gau file....(toggle the switch to ON and the engine starts...toggle the switch to OFF and the engine stops). This of course is the preferred method as I only have to deal with one switch. The only problem with this is that the mousetrapping feature of FSIUPC only recognizes ON and not OFF...back to square one!

    Am I missing something here?, there has to be a way to assign an engine toggle for engine stop and start without using two key assignments...?

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    I'm not familiar with the Be146, but before initiating the start, the fuel valves from the tanks should already be open. The engine starter should be a different function, and the fuel flow switch or lever to introduce fuel to the combustion chamber as the engine motors up should be yet a third function.

    I could be way off base with the way this aircraft operates, but, most turbojet and turbofan engines are started this way. Some use electric starters rather than pnuematic, but the assignment should be identical regardless of method used to get the engine turning.

    You need to find the FSUIPC command that is labeled Jet Starter #1 (or 2,3, etc.) and assign it to the start switch. That just gets the engine spining up so it will support combustion once the fuel is introduced.

    A separate command using "#1 Mixture Full Rich (#2, #3, etc.) is used for the fuel control to the engine. To shut off the engine, "#1 Mixture Full Lean, (#2, #3, etc) should be used to shut down the engine.

    I don't know if this will work with your flight model, but it's worth a try.
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