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Thread: The Big Day

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    The Big Day

    Decided to break down the prototype sim and move all the components into the main simulator build today. I had been holding off for as long as possible to keep me with a flyable simulator.

    The new one is is a Boeing 737NG and I have to say has been slow going getting this far. I have kept a diary of the build and it has been a year and a half since I cut the first bit of wood for the floor! Only having a few hours at the weekend make for slow (but satisfying ) progress.

    I managed to transfer all the computers and avionic panels etc into it and it finally looks like what I was hoping for. Of course things never go quite according to plan with the realisation of the need for an extra USB hub and a network switch before it can become fully live.

    None the less I should be able to finish connecting most of it up tomorrow and fire her up. So I suppose the easy bit has been done now for the often infuriating part of making it all work like it is supposed to .

    Attached are a couple of pics I took during the build.

    Attached Images Attached Images