Can anyone help me?

I have the latest download of FS2Phidgets programme and have the Advanced servo & 0/0/4 interfaces connected.
I am using XP Pro, FS9, PMDG 800 with CP flight MCP etc.

have got the auto throttles working fine, but want to dis-engage them, whithout using a physical switch when I dis-engage the Auto pilot and or Auto-throttle using the MCP.

I have tried with all of the files in FS Variables, the "FSVariable437.ini" works the 0/0/4 using a bog standard FS9 737.

Also include in the Variables file: "B737NG_pmMCP.ini" file, which I presume is the file for 737NG operating under PM, sorry can't afford PM and or change the whole setup as I have it now, I am sure you will understand that?

I also can't access the FS2phUIPC430.ini file, because its not with the programme, however its listed in the help files and shown in the pictures there, however its not in the Variable files at all?

Is there a: "B737NG_MCP.ini" or a way of getting the FS2phUIPC430.ini file into use?

Would appreciate some help?

I know the majority of you use PM, but do you know of anyone else that has mastered this pesky little problem?

Best wishes as always