Last night I finally got down to do some actual flying after getting my pedestal almost complete for my Learjet. I had already been running Flight1 Ground Environment Extreme (GEX) and Ultimate Terrain Extreme (UTX) and decided to go ahead and buy Flight Enviroment Extreme (FEX). All I can say is that my whole sense of realism just when up 1000 percent! The sky, clouds and water looked so realistic I just flew around enjoying the scenery. Not only did it tremendously improve the sky but also seems to have made the ground even more realistinc then UTX and GEX did alone.

I know Realenvironment Extreme is looking good also as an alternative and have seen the screenshots and some video but for the small cost of FEX I figured why wait....

I am glad I didnt because this just made my simulation visuals about as close to the real thing as I could ever imagine. I didnt notice any performance hit either.

So in summary.....FEX - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED