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    MyCockpit FSWeekend 2008 meet

    MyCockpit Presents MyCockpit FSWeekend 2008 meet

    There is little more than a week left before FSWeekend kicks off once again
    at the Aviodrome at Lelystad Airport in the Netherlands. The trade show will
    host manufacturers, software vendors, virtual aviation airlines and groups,
    cockpit builders, aviation enthusiasts and many more. MyCockpit members who
    will be attending the show will also have the opportunity to meet in
    person some of the many builders, manufacturers and vendors that contribute
    to make MyCockpit the best resource for cockpit builders.

    This year MyCockpit will also have its own place as an exhibitor to attract
    more European builders and ensure that their know-how is shared with other
    builders from around the world. There will be informative brochures and
    posters on the features and resources available at MyCockpit and its various
    sites. We will also have some surprises for current members as well as those
    wishing to join, so make sure you drop by the MyCockpit table during your
    time at the show.

    Apart from the usual happenings at FSWeekend, there has been a general
    interest in getting all MyCockpit members that will be in Lelystad for the
    weekend together for a meet-up (and who are we kidding, beer). In order to
    help the organization efforts, members that will be attending the event are
    kindly asked to send an email to with information
    on their arrival and departure dates/times and their contact details (email,
    cellular, etc.).

    We hope to see those of you attending at the MyCockpit table!

    Best regards,

    Efe Cem Elci
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