Captain is getting ready to do his morning flight to Los Angeles and as he boards the plane and heads for the flightdeck he runs into the head flight attendant , she looks down and realizes the Captain had forgot to do up his fly. Shyly she says " Sir when you left home this morning did you forget to close your garage door" as she gives him a little wink. Captain thinks hard for a second and says " No Mary, Im pretty sure I closed it" and heads up to the flightdeck with a bit of a puzzled look. As the Captain gets to the flightdeck the First officer immediately informs the Captain that his fly was open. Captain zips himself up and realizes embarasingly that the Flight Attendant was referring to his fly being open. When the flight attendant arrived on the flight deck to notify the Captain of the passenger situation, he thought he'd let on to her in a subtle way he understood her earlier comment. He looked her straight in the eye and in a commanding voice said" So did you happen to see my big powerful hummer I had parked in my garage when you noticed it open this morning? as he gave a wink, she quickly responded with a smile " Um no Captain , but I did see an old beatup mini van with 2 flat tires parked there