July 2007

Engravity is moving.

Engravity is growing and growing fast.

Therefore we decided several months ago to move to a bigger facility. This facility will provide us with more room to grow in the future, to work more efficiently and provide even better service.

The new building hosts 3 different workshop and several offices for sales and support. The new workshops offer seperate facilities for clean assembly (electronics, etc), rough assembly and also offers a big hall where several full size setups can be assembled simultaneously. Also a full motion simulator will be accomodated.

During the moving of our machines and stock inventory, lead times for our products will be somewhat longer than usual. The moving is taking place in the next few weeks. On August 6 we will be fully operational again.

We kindly ask for your understanding that both information and support departments will not be available during this time.

Robert J. van Triet
managing director

*** As posted from Flyengravity.com ***