Despite Halo 3 events, Halo 3 Betas, and travel, we have delivered a podcast this week. Tina Wood from Channel 10 joins us this week, and the podcast was video-taped for a 5-10 minute segment.
I have to apologize in advance that my microphone was much too quiet. We ran the audio from the mixing board into the camera for Channel 10, and in adjusting it for the video, I broke it for the audio.
MP3 File: 10.4 MB, 30 minutes
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This week John, Tina, Wolf, Tony, and Chris talk about:
- Intro/Outro Music: Baroque [n] Consecrator by Phylum Sinter
- If you could put any game on Xbox LIVE arcade, what game would it be?
- Gamerscore Blog Community Road Show '07
- Upcoming Game Releases (Halo 2 Vista - 5/22/07, Forza and Shadowrun - 5/22/07, Halo 3 - 9/25/07)
- Xbox LIVE Arcade (Soltrio Solitare, Aegis Wing - Scott Brodie, Danny Dyer, Matt Morison)
- National Geographic new Video Marketplace partner
- Halo 3 Event Recaps (SF/NY)
- Shoutouts - Gamer Andy and Crew, Andru Edwards, Brian Crecente, Robert Summa, Nelson and Natalie, Bob, and Wayne
- Question - Noah - Why are upcoming games Vista only?
- Question - Ben - Why wasn't Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles released in Australia?
- Email us at with questions/comments/audio