Cindy Lou Grue joins us this week as we discuss what's going on in the gaming world.
We're still looking for intro/outro music - if you have a band, and you would give us permission, we'd love to have your song as our intro/outro music.
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This week John, Tony, Wolf, Cindy, and Chris talk about:
- Intro/Outro Music: Land of Legends Theme
- What is a casual game?
- What happened to “The Zone”?
- Community Road Show Tour
- Lord of the Rings Midnight Launch
- Halo 2 on Vista
- Halo 3 Internal Beta
- Rainbow Six Vegas Content
- Pricing on Marketplace
- Question - Ryan - Will the TID work on a PC?
- Question - Adam - What's the plan for HDCP on the 360?
- Question - Damon Friend - Do online petitions really work?
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