Starting to get a schedule here for the podcast. Ideally we'd like to record each Tuesday, and post the audio each Thursday/Friday.
We've received many questions/topics to discuss on the comments and via email, keep them coming!
MP3 File: 8.9 MB, 26 minutes
Remember that these podcasts are available via the RSS feed, or the iTunes feed as well. This week John, Tony, Wolf, and Chris talk about:
- Intro/Outro Music: Hellish Dreams by Leechmaster (found over at Podsafe Audio)
- Shadowrun (Details and discussion)
- 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver (Details and discussion)
- Live on Windows (Dedicated/Private Servers for PC Titles?)
- Crackdown (Tips on getting Stunt Markers in Co-Op games)
- Street Dates on Games (Why have them?)
- SPEED TV's Forza Motorsport Showdown
- Forza Community Site
- Games Developers Conference (What is it?)
- Xbox Live Arcade (Explanation of the "video")
- Content by Region (Why is it restricted by region?)
- Email us at