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    Steve Wekarchuk

    Phidgets / Annunciators - FOR SALE!


    *0x16x16 Phidget board (one unit)
    LED_InterfaceIT 2 x LED's with completed annunciator
    16 Digital Inputs and 16 Digital Outputs
    Each input/output has an LED indicator which maked wiring very easy.
    Inputs are activated by 4 to 30 Volt signal. Outputs sink up to 30V at 2A.
    The outputs do not provide power they just act as switch to ground.
    This InterfaceKit could be used in projects that need to turn on/off larger
    loads: incandescent lights - relays - solenoids - motors - etc.

    *LED64 Phidget boards (two units)
    Phidget LED 64 controls up to 64 LEDs independently
    Control On/Off AND Brightness
    Units come with one 6VDC power supply

    *Flight Deck Solutions B737NG Annunciator Kit
    15 Boeing 737NG annunciators (replica)
    Painted holders (boeing grey)
    Laser cut legends
    LED's installed (Green / Yellow / Red)
    Install, reconnect, and go!

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    Steve Wekarchuk

    Phidgets / Annunciators - FOR SALE!

    SOLD! Thanks for your inquiries.

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