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Thread: Axis control

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    Axis control

    Hello all.

    First of all excuse me for this rather long thread.
    I`ve started my cockpitproject, and I`m new to FS2Phidget, but learning. What a wonderful program.

    One thing bothers med though. Maybe I`m confusing myself.
    I am building a set of control columns and rudder pedals, and will soon be ready to connect them to FS/Phidget-cards.
    WARNING! Real newbie-question here. Please bare with me.
    My plan was to connect liniar pots to a 0/8/8 board. I read this example in the FS2Phidget-manual: "Assign AILERON_DEFLECTION to the SERVO#0...and observe the servo tracking aileron postion."

    Does this mean, that a servo is connected to the ailerons, and not a potmeter?

    And further: "This is the position of the control surfaces, not the control columns. To observe control columns, assign servo #0 to AILERON_CONTROL."

    This I canīt figure out: What is the difference between DEFLECTION and CONTROL? :confused:

    And finally, if I can assign a servo to a axis, will the servo then move the controls, when A/P is on? Or is there any Phidget-solution for this?

    Really hope, someone can help me out here.

    Regards, JP

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    Let me summarize your main question and you tell me if I understand you correctly.
    Your main question:

    What is the difference between a control column and a control surface ?

    Something I am not clear about in your post. You will need to help me.
    I get the impression you think statements made in the manual about the operation of servos are relevant to the operation of potentiometers ?


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    Axis control

    Hi Alan.

    Sorry, I can see now, that my thread is a bit confusing.
    Let me try to make it better:
    In the FSUIPC documentation, I can see 2 offsets for both elevator, rudder and aileron. Letīs take aileron:
    0BB6 - Aileron control input
    0BB8 - Aileron position indicator - is this the same as AILERON_DEFLECTION?

    If I want to connect a potentiometer to my homebuilt control-column, to control aileron-input, sure that must be the 0BB6 offset, or the AILERON_CONTROL. Am I right? But as I read the FS2Phidget manual, a servo is connected to these offsets. So can a servo be used for this too? :confused:

    Now, AILERON DEFLECTION. Is this the aileron position? And can a servo assigned to this offset follow the aileron movements?

    I donīt know if this is possible, but I need something to make my columns follow the movements of the ailerons, (as well as elevator and rudder), when on A/P. Can this be done? With a servo?

    Hope this helps, Alan.

    Many regards, JP

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    Any FS Variable (offset) can be assigned to any type of Phidget.


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