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    Issue with Flaps & Ver. 3.1.2


    I have been enjoying the ever more advanced features of FS2Phidget. My latest gauge is for Elevator Trim and uses one of the Text Displays with the bargraph feature... the next project is my Overhead Panel!

    Whereas Ver. 3.1.2 is working perfectly for almost every element of my sim I am having a problem with Flaps. For some reason (not from lack of trying!) I find that when I go to the 'Calibrate' screen for the Flaps, the Flaps Settings icon in the bottom left is always grayed out and I cannot access it as before. I have tried with and without FS connected; and have changed aircraft, etc... but nothing seems to work.

    Can you suggest what I could be doing wrong?

    With thanks,

    Rob. Orlando, FL

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    Doubt this is anything you're doing.
    Sounds like you are describing a certifiable bug.

    I will replicate and correct or advise.
    An interim version of FS2Phidgets will be sent to you for you to check out.

    You are on the Test Pillot Duty Roster for this bug fix.
    Send a "hi" email to groundcrew@coconutair.
    Will make sure I have your email correct.

    Thanks for pointing this out.
    Apologies if this has caused you any inconvenience.


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