Hi All
I just received my phidget board and did the following:

1) Installed phidgets.msi
(completed fine)
2) Installed fs2phidget software
NB! I got a message saying that my system files needed to be replaced by newer ones. I had to click ok (cancel just shot me out of the setup). I then had to restart and only then did the setup complete ok. I'm on Windows XP Pro SP2

3) plugged in my phidget device...Windows XP bubble popped up to say that the phidgets USB device was now installed.

4) When I fire up the fs2phiodgets software, I get a runtime 5 error.
If I unplug the phidgets device, fs2phidgets opens up ok (obviously not connected to the board, but it doesn't throw the runtime error).
Any ideas?
Many thanks