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    Optical Encoders with Phidget????

    Has an gotten Optical encoders to work with Phidget?

    Matt O.

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    Hi Matt,

    Sure, I have. I have a shaft encoder wired up to the digital inputs on the 8/8/8.

    They have a whole line of encoders over there.

    If I turn it too fast the 8/8/8 will miss events. They have a product called an edivider which will slow down the reporting, but I haven't tested it yet.

    Having FS2Phidget understand and track the digital inputs is a WHOLE different matter

    Not sure Alan would want to be digging into that, but what do I know????


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    In particular I'm trying to use the Grayhill Series 62B Encoder. It unusual because it has push and pull off and on. I'll attachť the link of the schematic.

    Matt O.

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    I just ordered a 62C kind of similar except it has a momentary. I'll let you know how it reacts when I get it. It should work though can't see why not. The encoders that come as a phidget is just on and off nothing special so you would be using a regular switch instead of a momentary one.

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    Dan, I'll be very interested how it works out for you.

    Currently I've got it connected it to my EPIC, and it recognizes it. Now I need to be able to code it, and so it will allow me to make it do what I want it to

    Phidget way, would be a lot easier, and whether I use it with EPIC or Phidget. In the future the option will be there for any new builders.

    I look forward to your results.

    Matt O.

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    epic and encoder

    Hi Matt,

    have used Epic and encoders, if you need any help with the coding part , let me know.


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    Hi Pete,

    I can use some EPIC Code help

    Please email me at

    Matt O.

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