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    How many boards can I use in same time?


    With one of my friend we plan to bulid a full 737 cockpit, with panels, throtle, switches, buttons, signals, LEDs, etc. In this case we will have more then 100 units, inputs and outputs.
    How can we connect to the PC more than one I/O board?What is the mode of the connection? Usually the maximum numbers of the USB connecors in a usual PC is 4.
    Is it enough to solve the problem?

    If we have more than one PC (example 4), in this case can we use all of the 4 PCs USB connectors, and the LAN to give the datas into the fsuipc and back?

    Thx ur answers.

    Tibor from Hungary

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    Quote Originally Posted by kolenat
    How can we connect to the PC more than one I/O board?

    Sorry for the delay in responding! We recently had the webserver hacked and we aren't recieving notification of postings still

    You can connect up to 255 USB connections to a computer. Each Phidget has a uniqu ID so the computer and software can tell them apart. For all your switches and lights you would need a bunch of 0/16/16 IFK Phidgets and possibly some LED64 Phidgets if you are using LED's.

    I don't know the answer to the multiple computer set up. I'll let Alan answer that one for you.


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    You have asked a "how long is a piece of string?" type of question.
    Answer: Depends

    The number of processes you can run and how they will perform
    are going to be limited by:

    - your hardware (CPU and memory).
    - network speed.
    - network configuration.
    - USB standard implemented by hardware vendor.
    - USB as implemeneted by operating system provider (Microsoft or Apple).
    - Number of processes your operating systen can support.
    - FSUIPC

    I would recommend you address and research those type of issues with:
    http: //
    hardware manufacturer.

    I can address specific questions around applicability of phidgets in a flight simulation environment and possibly around B737.


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