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    Eddie Armaos

    Re: Panel Level-D 767 using PM

    Yoy may confuse different things.

    In my opinion, Project Magenta has no relation, nothing common with FS
    products, like PMDG or Level-D etc.
    Project Magenta has no relation with "mods" or any modifications was released
    the past.

    Yoy can make any modifications you want with 3rd party s/w and fly your
    a/c and engoy your flights, as many people do already.

    So please don't ask Enrico about these, i believe he has much important
    to to in his priority list.

    Best regards

    Eddie Armaos

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    Re: Panel Level-D 767 using PM

    Hi Eddie,

    First of all I have removed this topic from "pmSystems" to "Support". Have
    seen the wrong place too late, sorry for that.
    I don't make any confusing in any case; for example, try to fly with the PMDG
    737 and his original panel and you will seen directly what's happened in
    your PM's Glass Cockpit !!
    Endly, my question is only a request and I'll expect the answer of Enrico and
    respect his decision.
    Have a good day

    Best Regards


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