This was recorded a week ago in Las Vegas at the Paris breakfast buffet.
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MP3 File: 7.9 MB, 23 minutes
Events, events, events! I tried to cut down the background noise in the buffet, I hope it's not too distracting.
I found the intro/outro music over at Podsafe Audio.
This week John, Tony, and Chris talk about:
- Intro/Outro Music: Beautiful in Grey by David Geilan
- Visitors to the Community Blogger Booth (Destructoid, Joystiq, Engadget, Squad XP, Gamertag Radio, Xbox Addict, Team Xbox, Major Nelson, Hardcore Gamer, Gamerchix)
- CES Booth
- Games in the booth
- New announcements at CES
- Zune
- Apple's New Phone
- Emmies (Microsoft and otherwise)
- Joysticks and Controllers
- In and Out Burger
- Lost Planet