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    Michel Vandaele

    Re: overhead panel 737

    Hi Gert,
    Thanks a lot for your informations.

    I suppose you connect them all together to a rather large USB hub ? Any
    suggestions here?

    Is it so that there is no voltage / current involved to check the true/false

    statement of the switch.

    It looks pritty well the same as the aerosoft expansionboards for MCP747 ,
    but unfortenately by Aerosoft their is no further development done and it is

    impossible to work with it know, as due to the implementation of a lot more

    functions offsets has been changed etc.



    > I'm using the 0/16/16 PhidgetInterfacekit (5x) and the PhidgetLED 64

    > The FS2Phidget software can see the true/false statement of the switch

    > even it's possible to reverse the command state. More info tou may find

    >, there is also a forum special for flightsim related
    > to
    > phidget boards.
    > My next goal is to buy the 4-servoboard to connect the throttle unit and
    > let
    > trottle's have the auto-throttle mode
    > enable.
    > Regards
    > Gert

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    Greg Kernaghan

    OT - external USB video card for 3rd monitor

    I saw this clever device reviewed and thought it might be of interest to
    anyone wanting a third or fourth monitor running on one pc without the
    expense of parhelia style cards

    best wishes

    Greg Kernaghan

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