I have a problem with ground lights on FSX.
On approach i don't see any lights on the runway and any before.
I Just see 2 flashes.
I have the problem on all airports, if i have a local scene or not
What's the problem ?

For Example, the approach on Marseille with France VFR Scene. (probleme is the same without the scene)

I use FSX and have all my scenes from France VFR.

My graphics card is an HD5870 that I have it from 10 years.
The driver is up to date. I had tested with different drivers, the result is the same.

With or without a scene, it's also the same.

By activating the DX10 preview in FSX, the result is a little better and we distinguish (weakly) a little more lights. The problem is that if I activate DX10, my France VFR scenes no longer work during the day. DX10 should therefore be deactivated for daytime flights and activated for night flights (requires a restart of FSX each time), just for a slight improvement.

I found an addon: BEETLE PRINT - EXPERIENCE X FSX P3D. Does somebody know ?

Thanks in adavance.