Hi all. You probably seen the same question time and time again so Im going to add to that and say where do I startI want or would like to build a 737 cockpit. Im not really into just building a diy cockpit with Saitek hardware as I got some of it already. Been looking on YouTube and there is some great builds out thereObviously like every body this all depends on price so do I buy complete or do I build? Been looking at the go flight mcp snd other go flight stuff. Are they any good?Been looking at Opencockpits snd boy do they look greatSo what do all you cockpit builders say on this? Where do I start? I believe there are plug and play stuff out there but thinking over head snd pedestal might be a problam for this. Can you make your own? If so what about getting it to work? Really I just not got a clue. So please can any body give me advise on this and what equipment youd have Many thanksDave