Description: N2 spooling up normally by APU bleed, IGN A, 80 kg/h F.F, Bleed Air 34 PSI, Oil pressure 0 PSI ECAM msg: ENG 1 START FAULT ENG 1 IGNITION FAULT - NEW START IN PROGRESS => cranking, starting again with IGN B -> fault again => cranking, starting again with IGN AB Then ECAM msg: switch master ENG 1 off Steps To Reproduce: ENG selector => IGN, START ENG 2 Master ON => ENG 2 starts, running ENG 1 Master ON => Additional Information: Jeehell v53.3.6 P3Dv5.1.12.26829 Skalarki P&P Hardware, no MAINT OVHD Images: Any Ideas? all the best, Frank