Like quite a few old time simmers on here, I have some FlightDeck Technology Simboards in a box. For those who haven’t heard of them this won’t be of too much interest, but they were the Rolls Royce of interface cards back in the day. Sadly FDT went out of business and the cards were not supported by updated drivers beyond Windows XP, thus rendering them useless in any modern setup.There are lots of threads on here from frustrated owners who have tried many clever tricks to get them working. Well I have to tell you that tonight I have succeeded and it was so obvious you’ll kick yourself.I simply connected them to a Windows XP machine, running Pete Dowson’s Wide Client (Wide Server is part of FSUIPC as I’m sure you know)...and they are happily controlling FSX on Windows 7 and even better P3Dv4.5 on a Windows 10 PC. You may think this is not as good as plugging them into your FS PC but it works perfectly...result!!... Now where’s that old GoFlight MCP?