Hello guys,I am using 53.2, P3D V5 and I have thrust levers from cockpitsonic. The cockpitsonic-driver and EHID-Driver are installed and calibrated.But when I have started FMGS (cold and dark or with runnung engines is the same problem) the thrust levers go up to 61 % or sometimes in reverse thrust. But the hardware-levers are in idle. I took a look at the "Configure Control". All axes are calibrated. BUT in the pull down I read "CHOOSE LVR TO SETUP". I did that before and save d it. Now I scroll down and change to LVR1 or LVR2 and save again. After starting FMGS everything is normal. I have to do this procedure every time before starting FMGS.It looks for me, that my settings are not saved. I only habe These Problems with the THR LVR. Any idea?Take care, Thorsten