Hi , im Pablo Rozen from Mexico. Im working on Beech Baron coockpit FS project. Its amazing , but i have a problem try to use link2fs Multi v6f .I have 5 arduino mega connected with link2fs but sometimes stopped and tilt the PC.After check all components, i cannot find the solution...Let me tell you, when i connect only 2 or 3 arduinos, its working ok, if i connect more 3 arduinos, goes to problems !!!I have windows 8.1 ( 64 bits) FSX original Link2fs Multi v6f ....( this is for 32 bits ????)I would like to show my project, have never seem before, ITS INCREDIBLE. Im using originals aircraft components, have been modifield to be used with FSX..( servos, steppers, switches, leds, relays, etc etc etc), i have the beech baron coockpit to !!!I appreciated help to resolve the problem..Thanks a lotPablo Rozen