Hello, We have the following solution for displaying the weather radar on the project magenta glasscockpit: 1) Active Sky generates the weather based on actual weather. 2) This data is transmitted via FSUIPC (offset 0F1C and 9C00) to P3D which displays a corresponding weather forecast. 3) Depending on the configuration of FSUIPC (line ASNwxRadarBitmapPath = \) P3D generates a BMP file (radar image) which it deposits in the NetDir folder. It works very well. 4) PmGetWeather, scan the "NetDir" folder then it converts the BMP image into a DAT file which it transmits in the respective folders of the pilot and co-pilot's glasscockpit. This point also works. We have a correct image of the weather radar. In the project magenta there is the offset 04F4 which allows, among other things, the following commands: 21000 + Tilt / 2 22000 + Gain / 2 20001 Wx + TERR 20002 WXR 20003 WXR (VAR) 20004 MAP 20005 TEST The problem is that there seem to be two ways for the project magenta to display the weather. Either we generate an image as we do or there is another way that I do not know. Why I say that, because if I change the offset 04F4 for example to display the Wx + Terr mode the Glass cockpit indicator displays this indication, but we lose the display of the radar image or 3 blue bars appear ... Another example. I start the PFD / ND, activate the weather by the EFIS which is displayed correctly. I change the Tilt, the value does not change in the indication PFD / ND. I change the mode to TEST then to WXR I lose the radar as indicated above, but the tilt display in the PFD / ND works. As soon as a radar info is changed in this offset, it is no longer possible to display the radar correctly. The only method is to stop the PFD / ND and restart it. All this seems logical, because in our configuration, project magenta only intervenes for the display of the weather in the PFD / ND. But then, how to indicate the mode of the radar, the gain and the tilt to P3D or PmGetWeather ? Thank you for your help www.737project.com