Hey, I'd like to report a problem with ADIRS which i encountered since Version B52.0. Everthing is running great so far, even the YEAR 2020 bug solved. Big thanks to JH for his work and his constant improvements. Just one bug which I see since i am using version B52.0, never saw it before: When I start up and activate the ADIRS one by one, all three ADIRS come up as normal (switch on, wait ONBAT to turn off, ALIGN turns ON, wait until IRS ALIGNED shows up on the EWD), no matter if i wait 7 min or take the shortcut (switch ADIRS off and on again). But as soon as I align IRS from the INIT-page on the MCDU after putting in departure and designation ARPT the ALIGN-signs in the ADIRS-section on Ovhd turn off (normal as I think) but the FAULT-sign for ADIRU3 (offset 73A2, bit 0) allways turns on and stays on until I shutdown and switch both batteries off. The ADIRS seems to work correctly, because i dont see any failures during a flight. I'd be happy if someone, perhaps JH himself, could try to check this bug and if reproduceble help to find a reason. Thanks in advance. Uli My system is a selfmade homecockpit with 4 PCs 1: WIN7 Desktop with P3Dv4, FMGS-Server and Sound-System, VoxATC, FSUIPC+WideFS, MobiFlightConnector, 4 Arcaze-Modules for FCU and Pedestal, Joystick and RudderPedals; 2: WIN10 Desktop with FMGS-Client, Pilo-PFD, ND, EWD, Stdby Alt, Stdby Spd, Stdby Hor, Stdby DDRMI; 3: WIN7 Laptop with FlightSimCommander 9, WideClient,InterfaceIT via FDS-IO-board for Ovhd-Panel, 4: 10" Tablet as FMGS-Client for Pilot MCDU with touchscreen Hardware is selfmade with standard electronic parts !!! SORRY MY CARRIAGE RETURNS ARE ALWAYS DELETED !!!