Help with display,

Hi I am can use some help. After more then a year of not flying and using my sim I just started again.
I started with rebuilding my NAV, COM and ADF radios. They had LCD and I wanted to replace them with 7 segments displays, and so I did. I basically used the same code, just the LCD part I removed and replaced with the 7segment part.
My Cockpit situation is as followed.

First (1)master card + 1 display card( MIP)
Var 0717, name alti_out, Link IOCARD_DISPLAY, Digit 8, Numbers 4 // they work good
Var 0718, name pressure_out, Link IOCARD_DISPLAY, Digit 4, Numbers 4 // they work good

Second master card no displays (Overhead panel)

Third master card + 1 display (Overhead panel)
Var 601 , name FLT_alti , Link IOCARD_DISPLAY, Digit 167, Numbers 5 // they work good
Var 600 , name LAND_Alti , Link IOCARD_DISPLAY, Digit 160, Numbers 5 // they work good

Fourth master card + 2 displays (pedestal)
Jumper 2 for the fist Card and jumper 3 set for the second card

Var 838, 840, 1035 are on the first display card and they work fine
Var 0838, name com1_Low_act, Link IOCARD_DISPLAY, Digit 203, Numbers 5 // they work good
Var 0840, name com1_Low_stby, Link IOCARD_DISPLAY, Digit 198, Numbers 5 // they work good
Var 1035, name NAV1_Frq_Lo_D, Link IOCARD_DISPLAY, Digit 193, Numbers 5 // they work good

This part that is on the second display does not work correct
Var 1037, name NAV1_stb_Lo_D, Link IOCARD_DISPLAY, Digit 219, Numbers 5
The out put show completely different characters.
I did check all the connection wires individually and the are OK.
Using the SIOC monitor all 7 segment displays turn on .
Just wondering where or what Iím doing wrong? do I need to assign a device number or what else to check or so.
Hope some one can help.
Regards Henri