hi everyone,

there is not a lot of traffic here in this forum, maybe we can reactivate it

1) is it truly important, where to position 3 beamers next to each other, if using FlyEliseDisplayPro ?
2) how far away must the curved sceen be from cockpit-shell (short-throw-projectors and disregarding shadowing) ?
3) what material of screen is best reflecting ?
4) can screen be in different shapes ( e.g. due to roofsloping), or is a unique size needed ?
5) 3 outputs of graphic-card give better quality these days (2019) than matrox tripple head to go digital ?
6) can 2 tv-screens as sidewindows and 1 front projected screen win against 3-projector-180 degree-curved-screen (quality in viewing) ?

please share your long time experience with us and things, you would do different next time,

thanks a lot,

cheers, stevie