I am working on a home cockpit aimed at functionally representing a DA40 cockpit. I will use the Alabeo DA40.

The home cockpit is based on a number of Arduinos communicating with fsx/p3d through lua-scripts. Most cockpit functions are accessible through fsuipc commands or the direct manipulation of offsets.

This method however doesn't work for a number of fuctions of the Alabeo DA40 including the attitude indicator (artificial horizon) bar. The AI bar of the most fsx/p3d aircraft can be manipulated with the fsuipc commands 66318/66319. The relative bar position is then stored in offset 0x3548. The alabeo DA40 AI bar however seems to bypass all of this and the fsuipc logging shows nothing when the bar is moved using the mouse, nor does the said offset change.

I am thankful for every hint how to address such apparently addon aircraft-specific functions. (The VM1000 engine monitoring system is another example.)

Kind regards,