Just a discussion for consideration, and how it would be done. The simpit that I'm building, a Vulcan, is a dark cockpit -- all black, and very confined. I've noticed that most simpits (and the full-size, full motion sims) look dark and unnatural on the inside, while running a daytime visual on the projected visual display out the window. In other words, nighttime in the cockpit: daytime on the visual display. It looks unnatural.

The thought occurred to me: for daytime flight, could a bright light be built overhead the simpit cockpit shell, such that it is on a rotating arm, and it rotates opposite to aircraft heading?

This would create a bright light shining into the cockpit shell, creating semi-realistic sun shadows that move with aircraft heading.

- How crazy is this?
- What kind of motor/card would be needed to rotate the arm, so that it's smooth and not jerky?
- Would this be insufficient to simulate the sun, and would the cockpit still be dark?
- Would the brightness drown out the projected visual display?