Not sure if this is the right forum to ask these questions. I am seriously considering switching from FSX to P3D. The main reason is because P3D claims to manage VAS better than FSX and I'm having a lot of trouble with OOMs even though I applied Kosta's Tweeks and I use a Scenery Manager. I know a lot of people are making the switch but in P3Ds licensing agreement it says not for Consumer Personal Entertainment. Isn't that mainly what FSX is for. Of course I know a lot of pilots and wannabe pilots use FSX. Why does P3D stipulate that in their licensing agreement? Why are they so picky about who uses their software? Anyway, My main concern is: I'm running FSX on three computers, FSX main program and front view, left and right side views using WideView. Two more computers run Prosim737 and Project Magenta for instrument screens, switches, gauges, etc. Is it necessary to buy the Professional License or could I get by with the Academic License? Or could I use the Professional License for the Primary Program and Academic for the side views? I asked P3D but they said they couldn't answer technical questions through email.